2022 - Great Challenges = Great Opportunities image

2022 - Great Challenges = Great Opportunities

This is the year we take things to the next level for the parrots!

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Help us make a huge leap forward for the protection and care of parrots!

For Northeast Avian Rescue, 2022 is a turning point -- A year of great challenges and even greater opportunities!

First the challenge. This year has seen unprecedented demand for our services. As more Baby Boomers age out and can no longer care for their birds, our shelter is bursting at the seams with requests for assistance. Many of the birds we're receiving have never been to a vet -- often they have all kinds of dietary and behavioral issues which have caused our medical expenditures to skyrocket! In the first quarter of 2022, we spent as much on medical services for our birds than we did in the entire year 2021! Add to that the fact that inflation and global supply chain issues have created all sorts of problems with food, cages and enrichment items consistently out of stock or, much more expensive than ever before. No area of the rescue has gone untouched.

But there is opportunity too! In July of this year NEAR purchased 40 beautiful, undeveloped acres of land in the Village of Nassau. Over the coming months we will be working toward the construction of a rescue Shelter which will more than quadruple the space we currently have to house birds. Over the remainder of this summer, we will be sharing much more information about the future of NEAR, our expansion plans and all the great things we plan to do to help parrots and exotic pet birds in need.

We can't do any of this without you though. While we have always been sensitive to how often we fundraise, the upcoming months will see us rolling out all sorts of opportunities for our followers, friends and supporters to help us keep up to date on our operational needs, as well as to help us reach our Capital goal.

We are so excited about the future of NEAR and the birds we support. We hope you will join us ... great times are ahead!

Jill Lewis

Exectuve Director - NEAR